• Whisper from the Ocean - eBook

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Whisper from the Ocean - eBook

Whisper from the Ocean - eBook


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A collection of the most treasured quotations from Lemmon’s first three novels, this gift book is like a pail sitting on your inner beach and brimming with pearls of womanly wisdom on solitude & inspiration, spirituality & creativity, sacrifice & identity, contentment & joy. Listen, and you might just hear what stirs inside.

“There are those times a woman fears she is on the brink of extinction or that the wants and dreams she has for her life are endangered. It is then she must declare herself a refuge and take whatever measures to preserve her natural elements.”-Whisper from the Ocean & Portion of the Sea

“There ought to be a refuge inside every woman where her joy can flutter and her wisdom breed and her dreams nest and her mistakes land softly and the words her mother or grandmother or others have spoken flap about like butterflies and all those things can mingle and thrive harmoniously as long as they like, or they can enter the world by way of her lips.”—Whisper from the ocean & Portion of the Sea

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